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"Empowering Communities in Times of Crisis: The Maui Disaster Relief Fund is dedicated to swiftly and effectively responding to the nation’s deadliest wildfire event in more than a century, providing essential resources, support, and hope to those impacted. We collaborate with local partners, volunteers, and first responders to deliver immediate aid, facilitate long-term recovery, and build resilience. Through compassion, innovation, and solidarity, we strive to restore stability, rebuild lives, and create a safer, more prepared world for all."

Maui Disaster Relief

Crews in west Maui are doing the devastating work of sifting through the ashes of incinerated homes and beloved landmarks as the death toll from the deadliest US wildfire in more than 100 years is still rising.

The names of victims whose families have been notified will be released Tuesday, Maui Police Department Chief John Pelletier announced during a news conference Monday.

An unknown number of people are still unaccounted for as search teams with cadaver dogs look for remains in devastated neighborhoods. “A lot of people had to run and left all of what they had behind. So, they don’t have their phones,” Governor Joshua Green added.

The governor said his “heart also goes out” to people who haven’t been able to return to Lahaina but emphasized the importance of allowing first responders time and space to identify the deceased.

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